For the singles out there, February 14, Valentine’s Day also known as Single Awareness Day can be a day of dread! With couples everywhere from social media to real life showing off their Valentine’s Day goodies, life for the single woman especially, on Vals Day can make you want to stay in your house for the entire day and not re-emerge until the morning of February 15.

But you need not stress about today, we’ve come up woth 5 sure fire ways to help you survive valentine as a single woman.


1) If You’re Feeling Sorry For Yourself, Write A Love Letter To Yourself


Take the time to write a beautiful love letter to yourself, reminding yourself why you’re amazing and loved. Write it on paper or on the Notes app on your phone.

Writing a love letter to yourself, shifts your mindset from one of self-pity & negativity to positivity pretty quickly. Read it throughout the day and feel your mood brighten up.

Spray some scent into it and you have old school romance right at your doorstep. Read it over and over again during the day and enjoy the special feelings it evokes.

2) Pamper Yourself


Take the time to pamper yourself! Go to the spa get a massage or a mani/pedi. Or you can even have a pamper me day at home with a nice bath, some candles & wine! Put yourself back on your priority list.

3) Get Out Of The House & Go Out With Friends


Get together with your friends for brunch or a night out!

Not the bitter type of friends who are going to spend the entire time whining about their exes! Get together with your happy friends…you don’t want to be around people who are only going to bring your energy level down.

Go out with girls who are fun and up for anything, they’ll make Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

4) Avoid Couples WHo Brag


You know the ones that live on Instagram to show off the car their boyfriend gave them or the one at your workplace that can’t stop gushing about the shoes, cake and jewellery her boo got her. People who brag about their partner could likely get you feeling down, so stay far, far away from them.

5) Remember You Are Not Alone

Over 600 million people in the world are single & are also spending Vals Day Alone! Find someone who is single where you live & go on a date with them. You just never know!

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t make it a day about love, no matter what your relationship status is. Happy Valentine’s Day!