This Nigerian/American doctor – John Nwankwo Ikechi, 37, was trying not to be trapped for 18 years by his girlfriend of one month. So what did he do? He spiked her drinks with Plan B without her knowledge so she won’t get pregnant.

Plan B is an emergency contraceptive pill used to prevent accidental pregnancy 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

The woman – 36 year old, Hyosun Kim a student from Korea, found out about it when she came across a discarded box of the emergency contraception in her boyfriend’s trash and immediately thought he’d been cheating, when she confronted him he admitted he dissolved the drug in a glass of juice to make sure she couldn’t get pregnant.

She is now suing him for $5 Million for  emotional ­anguish.

Ikechi and Kim, a student from Korea, had been dating for a month when she found the discarded box in May 2016. She wasn’t using any birth control at the time and was shocked when she saw the packaging.

When Kim confronted Ikechi, he “confessed that he was aware she would never have voluntarily agreed to take the Plan B pill and told her that this was the only way he could get her to ingest” it, the suit says.

Kim wasn’t trying to conceive, her attorney told The Post, adding that the suit isn’t about “whether she wanted to get pregnant or didn’t want to get pregnant. He took that choice away from her. To me it’s almost like he performed an abortion without her knowing,”

Kim “was horrified that her boyfriend would deceive her in this way” and immediately broke off the relationship, the suit says.

She was so distressed by the betrayal that she is ­undergoing counseling, the suit says.

Ikechi “is a licensed medical doctor in the state of New York. By law an individual cannot be forced to ingest medication without his or her consent,” so his medical license may be on the line.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Ikechi was a fellow at New York University in 2011 and is now an “on-call neuro­radiologist,”

Why didn’t he just use a condom? Or better still abstain! Now he’s gonna lose all he worked for!