Last month 24 year old Davido confirmed he is expecting his second child.

The baby mama? A young American woman named Mandy who lives in Atlanta, Georgia where the 24 year old pop star owns a home.

His confirmation came after weeks of media speculation.

And he has now confirmed the gender of his unborn child. Not with a gender reveal or baby shower…but rather he made the revealation during a spat with an Instagram follower this morning.

It all started when Davido shared a video from a concert celebrating the fact that his singles”IF” is currently the biggest song in Africa. A follower called the concert wack & further dissed him calling him “spoiled and spending daddy’s money”

Then Davido replied him calling him a fool, a dumb bi*ch, then he added, “my unborn daughter’s future is brighter than yours”.

And that ladies & gents is the confirmation that he’s having a baby girl. The 24 year old already has a 2 year daughter with Sophia Momodu.