Months ago Nigerian male Barbie – Bobrisky appeared on my Teefah XOXO VLOG channel and I asked him if he was gay.

Last year Bobrisky appeared on the scene from nowhere with his bleached yellow skin, super long nails, feminine clothes and talking about his rich married male sugar daddy who spoilt him with whatever he wanted. His appearance and the possible existence of a male sugar daddy had everyone thinking, “he must be gay”

So when I met him on that day in October and asked him if he was homosexual, he replied

I’m not gay though

Much to my surprise that video went viral, with clips appearing all over social media. It has since garnered over 50k views on YouTube and most of the comments are in reference to his sexuality, 99.9% of viewers are convinced he must be gay.


After meeting him on that hot day in September and he denied being gay to me, I just concluded he was “playing gay” to generate attention online, attention he would then use to sell his bleaching creams.

All na strategy. 

But it looks like I might’ve been wrong because yesterday it appears the reigning queen king of Nigeria’s Snapchat admitted that he is indeed gay.

He took to his Instagram page to address his haters and wrote,

Yes I’m gay or straight. I have over 11 visas in my passport. I live in a 5 bedroom house in Lekki alone.


In Nigeria being gay is a jailable offense and could get you imprisoned for 14 years, but I guess the controversial Bobrisky isn’t worried about.

I just wonder why he’s chosen now to come out now as gay.