You won’t believe who is wading into the never ending #JollofWars now?

Days after the minister of information – Lai Mohammed‘s Jollof rice gaffe – our Vice President is coming to the defense of our staple party food.

You may recall that a few days ago Mr Mohammed was asked by CNN journo Richard Quest which country had the best Jollof, “Nigeria or Ghana?” and the minister of info replied saying, “Senegal”. He was promptly dragged by Nigerians on social media before Quest pointed out that the minister of info thought he had asked where jollof originated from.

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Many Nigerians still did not believe Quest’s explanation behind the ministerial gaffe.

Speaking today at Platform Nigeria, a Christian conference which went down at the Covenant Christian Center in Lagos the VP Prof. Yemi Osinbajo stood up in defense of Naija jollof.

Watch the video below


Nobody is as funny as Nigerians and Nigerian comedians whether professionals or amateurs. We even have a member of the National Assembly who recently launched a CD, Ajeku Iyani oje, who has heard of Aye ku Iyani oje. and we are the most innovative entrepreneurs. Recently someone showed me a text  sent by a young man to invite him to a book launch with the title, Seven Steps to becoming a professional Whistle Blower. And we all know that Nigerian Jollof rice is the best. We beat the Ghanaians and Senegalese hands down

Love his sense of humour!