Renowned photographer and singer TY Bello, is the profiled on the latest episode of Kemi Adetiba‘s “King Women” docuseries and on the episode which just aired she made a shocking revelation.

She was sexually molested as a child.

The Grenland singer who has photographed superstars and heads of states spoke about how her molestation had a negative on her self image, making her think she was ugly.

She opened up to Adetiba saying,

I was sexually abused as a child and because of this, I felt like there was something ugly about me that made me encounter this. This was not the abuser’s fault, this was me. I used to see other girls as flowers and I saw myself as dirty cement, hard and ugly. I never felt beautiful, everything was wrong with me, I was hairy and it was a problem.


I always attributed everything that was about me to be the reason someone took advantage of me. I thought there was something wrong with me because if the others girls were like me perhaps they would be dirty like me but they were flowers. .

She then opened up about how finding Jesus helped her negative self image,

When a friend told me about salvation, she told me old things would be passed away and all things will become new. It was as if God could wash away that stench and I would become a girl because I didn’t feel like a girl. I was shocked when I grew up and found that one out every three or four girls in my secondary school had suffered the same thing and I could tell them the same thing… that old thing can pass away. It was a relief to find that I was not the only one and a shock that nobody talks about it. That’s why salvation worked, I had a daddy and I was going to be a flower.

Watch the clip where she talks about her abuse

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Watch the full episode below


The rape and abuse of young boys and girls happens a lot more often than we are aware of in our society, most times it just stays…a dirty secret. I commend TY for opening up about her abuse, I strongly believe it will help others who have suffered the same to stop blaming themselves and to seek healing whether it’s spiritually or professionally.

Image Credit: TY Bello