Many Nigerians (heck black & Asians) chemically lighten their skin, however Bobrisky who also sells skin bleaching creams is probably the most famous skin bleacher of all time in Nigeria. With his transformation from a dark skin young man to an almost white woman making him an internet sensation.


However a law may soon be passed by lawmakers to stop the likes of Bobrisky selling his creams and regulate skin bleaching in Nigeria.

According to Punch, Nigerian Association of Dermatologists have begun the process of meeting with some lawmakers at the National Assembly in order to formulate laws that will regulate the manufacture and use of bleaching cream.

The Chairman of the Abuja Dermatology Society, Dr. Mohammed Danmallam made this clear during a press conference held in commemoration of the World Skin Health Day in Abuja on Thursday (June June 29), saying some countries had been able to ban hydroquinone, which is used in the production of bleaching cream.

Toke Makinwa last year in her memoir "On Becoming" admitted to  bleaching her skin for her ex husband, to keep up with his alleged mistress.

Toke Makinwa last year in her memoir “On Becoming” opened up about bleaching her skin for her ex husband, to keep up with his alleged mistress.

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He added that in the United States, the use of hydroquinone was heavily regulated but in Nigeria, bleaching agents were abused due to weak regulation of prescription medicine.

The chairman added,

Countries of the world have banned a lot of substances for example, hydroquinone which is the most abused chemical component used in bleaching the skin. It is banned in Europe. About two per cent of its use was the limit but now it has been banned completely. It is still allowed in the United States but only based on prescription. Unfortunately, we live in a country where everything is prescription-free. As dermatologists, there are conditions we treat. We treat blemishes but we know the dosage, the side effects and when to stop but in our environment, people go out of their way to use it in a manner that is not seen anywhere in the world.

And for those who say they only “tone” their skin and not bleach, the chairman wants you to know that they are one and the same. Both making the skin susceptible to infection.

Image Credit: Bobrisky/Toke Makinwa