A couple of days ago I got to listen to the new BANTU album “Agberos International” at a private listening session in Lagos, just a few days before it’s official release date on 7.7.17


The event which was steered by Afropolitan Live founder – Ade Bantu was attended by industry insiders, media, bloggers and a few friends. Bantu is a 13 man collective based in Lagos. For this highly anticipated 5th album which was 6 years in the making, the band secured the services of producer/sound engineer Aman Junaid who has worked with such artists and groups like TLC, George Clinton, Joi and Organized Noize to produce Agberos International.

The title of the album Agbero International expresses the band’s intentions. Agbero is Yoruba slang for public vehicle conductor, a man hailing passersby to board his taxi or bus. The agbero implicated in the title is a crowd-puller of international reach, an apt metaphor for a band like BANTU.

Bantu is typically known for their socially conscious hit songs but on this new album they offer different varying elements, from a spoken word love song Oni T’emi which features Wana Udobang who is serenading and being serenaded by her male lover with “pitch-perfect oriki poetry” to Lagos Barbie a female anthem addressing the politics of black women’s hair to Niger Delta which features afrobeat cofounder Tony Allen to Afro Punk the album opener which is guaranteed to get you dancing.

Agberos International is a well rounded album, it’s an experience that takes you on a journey. Whatever your mood you’ll find a song off the 10 tracker to fit it.


And let me just add that from a visual perspective they went all out! The album art & packaging is ART, with carefully curated images by renowned Nigerian photographers for each song, their own custom Bantu font (which is SICK),  all of which you can enjoy when you get the album in digital and physical (CD or Vinyl) formats.

The album is available now digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, MyMusic.com.ng, Google Play and Amazon. It will also be available on CD & Limited release vinyl.

Download it HERE & listen to it with a cup of freshly tapped palm wine! This album is an experience.

DDD_0328 (1) DDD_0326 DDD_0555 DDD_0548 DDD_0546 DDD_0581 DDD_0544 DDD_0519 DDD_0496 DDD_0487 DDD_0479 DDD_0388 DDD_0376 DDD_0345 DDD_0360

Visit the Bantu Website here to learn more about them.

Teefah xoxo

Photo credit : Abiola Balogun