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So in an effort to become more organized in 2017 I bought a really pretty planner.

Reason being I didn’t want a regular diary/planner…but rather something cute & girly I could take everywhere. So after doing some research (yes! I research EVERYTHING) and discovered the dizzying world of planners, planner accessories, decorations…yep it is a serious affair this planner world and I wasn’t ready for it all!

After some indepth research I chose the Inkwell Press Planner back in February.

This video pretty much sums up why I chose Inkwell over the super popular Erin Condren and other planners, it’s also an unboxing and initial review. Oh and that’s not all, I have a $10 discount code for you, which you can use towards your next order from Inkwell press.

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Muah! ‘Teefah xoxo