If you’re probably wondering who Gilbert Arenas is, you aren’t the only one. I did a little research on him and the long and short is that he is a former NBA player known more for his controversies off the court, most particularly fighting with the mother of his 5 kids (Laura Govan) on social media.

Yesterday an Instagram blog @BallerAlert posted a gorgeous pic of Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o beachside in a white bikini. While the post got a lot of love from fans Arenas who had previously said dark skinned women are unattractive, decided to air out his thoughts on the Oscar winning actress, calling her—UGLY.


This isn’t the first time Arenas is putting down Nyong’o’s looks, back in April he once again called her out on an Instagram post uplifting black girls. The post read, “Dear Black Girl, you don’t have to be mixed to be beautiful,” reads the original post. Arenas inserted himself into the conversation, writing, “How black are we talking?? Not to be funny can you name a beautiful black women on the outside…”

He then proceeded to claim that beautiful black women don’t exist. In his view, Lupita Nyong’o is cute “when the lights are off,” and Kenyan model Ajuma Nasenyana?

“Sorry but ewww,” Arenas wrote.

Someone take #GilbertArenas phone — Swipe Right!

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This irrelevant tw*t is just using people like Nyong’o to keep his name in the press following his dead NBA career!