Life for gay men in Nigeria just got a whole lot tougher. A couple of days ago, TIERs Nigeria an NGO advocating for the rights of LGBT persons in Nigeria issued a warning to gay men in Lagos to keep off gay dating app – Grindr, as non community members were using the app to blackmail users.

As you probably know being gay in Nigeria is a crime, punishable with a 14 year prison sentence. So understandably most members of the Nigerian LGBT community are in the closet.

However there have been allegations made by some living in the Makoro area of Lagos that policemen in the area are using the app to pose as gay men, setting up blind dates with unsuspecting gay men with the sole purpose of blackmailing them!

Many have already fallen prey to the extortion scheme and it is being alleged that in just the last week alone over N500,000 has been paid by gay men who’ve fallen prey to the cops using the app to bait them.

One cop in particular was called out, along with his photo from the app and evidence of funds transfer.

So far TIERs Nigeria has been tweeting at the official twitter handle of the Nigerian police but they have not responded to the allegations.

If you have any reports of police baiting gay men for the purpose of blackmail in your area, do not hesitate to let us know. Send us an email at HERE.