You need to read this if you need some motivation in your life!

Jenifa star Funke Akindele makes her coupled up magazine cover debut with her husband Abdul Rasheed “JJC” Bello on the August edition of Today’s Woman Magazine. 

In it the actress opens up for the first time about how she coped with the dark times brought on by her divorce in 2013. 

You may recall that back in 2012 she tied the knot with in a spectacular 3 day ceremony with Kehinde Oloyede…a year later the marriage was over and the public fallout as you can imagine was crazy. 

To cope with the failure of her first marriage, Funke unbeknownst to many had to move back into her mother’s house in Badore, Ajah in Lagos. 

Funke Akindele as Jenifa has a talent for making people laugh but perhaps the way she coped with heartbreak could serve as inspiration to anyone who has hit rock bottom. 

How did she turn her life around after the divorce setback? She said a big N-O- to putting her money into designer bags! She also had an honest talk with the girl in the mirror. She says to TW that this served as therapy for her. Funke says, she would stand before the mirror and say,

Girl, calm down. Everyone’s looking up to you. Your family, your siblings, everybody wants you to make it in life. You’re the only one looking after your parents. Young people are looking up to you. Listen, no Gucci bag, no LV bag, put your money in your business. 

She also says in those dark times she threw herself into her work. 

I told God I just want to be busy. 

She adds, 

I prayed and fasted about it and God gave me jobs – a lot of scripts came from the East. They just kept bringing them like, ‘Funke we want you to come to Asaba, Owerri, Enugu, Awka. I would wake up as early as 4.00am to leave Ajah to catch a 7.30 fight to Enugu. I channeled my energy into work. I did not let anything distract me. 

Her hustle paid and soon enough she was able to move out of her mom’s house into her own place. Not long after that came Jenifa’s Diary, multiple endorsement deals, awards and a loving husband.

Funke has just given us some major life motivation. No matter how bad the situation is you can still pick yourself up and win! 

Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke