The latest video of a Nigerian Police officer brutalizing a citizen will not do the already fragile image of the police force any good, especially in light of the assistant commissioner of police – Yomi Shogunle tweeting just a few days ago that Nigerians should be thankful their police force is nothing like police in China who slammed a mother and child to the ground.

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Yesterday an eye witness video emerged showing an unidentified police officer who had knocked down a motorcyclist on the side of the expressway. When confronted by a concerned citizen, who implored him to take the injured man to get help, the officer said,

If he die make he die, no be human being dey die?

He then added,

I can’t die because of him

Watch the video below

Luckily it is being reported the unidentified man did not die. No word on if the officer received disciplinary action from his superiors.

The man who recorded the video and confronted the officers was brave. Shout out to him.