Rihanna is on to something that most mainstream makeup brands have continually slept on, the buying power of black women is grossly under estimated & black women need a whole lot more variety. This has been prove more so with Fenty Beauty selling out in it’s darkest foundation shades globally.

On Friday Sept 9, pop star Rihanna launched her highly anticipated makeup line – Fenty Beauty. The anticipation of Fenty Beauty had been building for months amongst Rihanna fans and beauty enthusiasts.

Aside from the fact that it is Rihanna product line people (especially black women) are also excited about the fact that she released 40 foundation shades, unheard of for a debut collection. And even more so because as black women we have always had issues had issues finding our skintone shade, with most brands only including at most 2 shades to pick from.

As a black woman, Rihanna’s decision to make her makeup line more inclusive for women of darker skin tones is paying of greatly! As at the time of publishing most of the darker foundation shades of Fenty Beauty have sold out at in store and online world wide.

See why brands need to wake up to the buying power of black women? According to reports Black women spend an estimated $7.5 billion on makeup products yearly! Even with these staggering spending numbers black women are still grossly misrepresented in the mainstream beauty world.