Mr Eazi is being heavily blasted by Nigerian music fans and some of his contemporaries like Runtown & Shakar El over his recent comments claiming he started the fusion of the Ghana Nigerian music sound.

At any given time on any given day, Twitter Nigeria is dragging someone. Today, it’s Mr Eazi‘s turn! The 23 year old musician behind hits like Skintight & Leg Over is being dragged to hell & back over a recent interview with London’s Capital 1 Extra.

During the interview Eazi bragged about being the originator of the popular Ghana/Naija sound which has become the mainstay of most Nigerian hit songs in late 2016/2017. He fired shots at his contemporaries saying,

The speed at which I’ve moved is scary to me cause it took my contemporaries 5, 6 years. It’s like everybody just realized that yo what formula is Mr Eazi using…ok we’re gonna end up doing it

Watch the rest of the interview below.

Even though Eazi didn’t name any names, singer Runtown, another Nigerian artiste who has ridden the wave of the Ghanaian infused sound with songs like Mad Over You & For Life, shortly after the interview began to make the rounds took to Twitter and said,

Judging by the tone & timing of his tweet, it’s clear to see that he is addressing Eazi.

At this point music fans began to take side, with many Nigerian fans dragging Temi Otedola‘s bae & saying they would end his career!

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Check on some of the tweets below.

Others like rapper Shakar EL, gave Eazi a history lesson on the merger of Nigerian & Ghanaian sound.

Shakar El took to his Instagram page where he said,

Dear Mr Eazi, Stop Swimming in a Pool of Ignorance and Dry yourself With a Towel of Humility and Shut Up, How dare you say that you are first Nigerian artist to use Ghanian Words like Banku etc in Songs?? Are you for Real? I did that in my song ‘Anyhow’ as way back as in 2009,Any Wavy Nigerian living in Uk or in the entire Diaspora knows that Song then..Do your Research well and there will be many artist that might have done it before myself.

Some of us have always had Ghanaian friends,Eaten Ghanaian food,worn Kente even before you stepped your feet in Ghana. You are not the first Nigerian artist to bring Nigeria and Ghana together through music, the cultural Exchange started before you.. I for one is Proud of your achievement as an independent artist but please Dont be Talking ‘AnyHow’


It wasn’t all draggation for Mr Eazi, A few (perhaps Ghanaians??) came to his defense…

So do you agree with Mr Eazi on this one? Or do you feel he deserves to be dragged?