Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim is a sexy voluptuous woman and now we know she’s a risk taker.

The Ghanaian actress and mother of one who recently went public with her relationship with rapper Iceberg Slim recently opened up about the most risky place she’s had s*x.

Speaking on Trybe’s show, On My Honor she spilled the tea on her favorite sex position, love life and more.

During the quick fire Q & A session of the show, she was asked,

What’s the riskiest place you’ve had s*x?

At the beach.

Weren’t you worried people were going to see you?

People were actually there. I was in the water.

On her favourite sex position. She replied,

I don’t have a favourite. I am adventurous. Anything goes.Y



You go gurllllll!

Juliet didn’t spill on who her sexy beach lovemaking session was with but she gave advice to men & women who are thinking about getting down & dirty in public. She said,

Honestly, it was just spontaneous, it wasn’t planned. It was just something that started. So, I think you just have to be very careful and make sure that wherever you’re doing it or trying to do it is allowed and is not like a country or a place where people would find it offensive. So, there were a lot of tourists around so nobody could be bothered.

Watch the interview below