On Saturday September 16, superstar Kevin Hart took to his Instagram page in a sombre video to apologize to his pregnant wife – Eniko Parrish and his kids for “some mistakes he recently made”.

He didn’t say what the mistake he was apologizing for was.

However the next day it came out via TMZ that a video had surfaced showing a woman and very married Kevin (who had his wedding band on) in a club getting very cozy.

In another clip you can hear two people having s*x (even though you don’t see them).

And in a 3rd clip you see a nak*d man that looks a whole lot like the comedian.

So that’s what he was apologizing for?

It later came out that the woman in the video had allegedly demanded money from Kevin so she would not release the video. The FBI is now looking into it and treating it as a multi million dollar extortion crime.

Here’s what we know Kevin who has been open about being terribly unfaithful to his first wife Torrei Hart has cheated once again, this time on his second wife, the woman he married in a lavish ceremony last year and whom he proclaimed as “his missing rib”  to everyone who cared to listen.


Image Via: Suzanne Delawar Studios

Since the news of the tape emerged many have not seen said tape which is now floating around social media.

But here are 5 juicy facts about the Kevin Hart cheating scandal and s*x tape that the media isn’t reporting on!

  • There are allegedly two women in the video not one!

Image Via: Fameolous Instagram

Watch The Video Below

  • The woman allegedly having s*x with Kevin Hart in the video isn’t Miami singer -Monique ‘Momo’ Gonzalez, the woman he was caught in a compromising position with in a car in July.

Image Via: Fameolous

  • In an interview with Breakfast Club 3 months ago, Hart said he categorically he did not cheat because it was too risky and that he won’t be a good cheater.

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4. He had on his wedding band when he cheated.


Image via: TMZ


5. ALLEGEDLY – It isn’t his first time cheating on his rib – Eniko


Eniko ain’t going nowhere though!

Images via Fameolous Instagram & TMZ