27 year old Courtney Waldon of Tallapoosa, Georgia on Sept. 30, 2016 suffered horrific burns that left her severely disfigured after her 29 year old husband – Mitchell Cobb, “accidentally” threw a flammable can of gas at her. On her return from a 51 day medically induced coma, she came home to find out her husband who set her on fire had left her and her 4 year old child.

I swear these men ain’t loyal! Women you gotta FEAR some MEN…maybe even ALL MEN?!


Courtney & Mitchell On Their Wedding Day in 2016

And the following story proves it…

The story goes…

On Courtney and Mitchell’s two-month wedding anniversary on Sept. 30, 2016 — Courtney sat by a campfire while her husband grilled tuna steaks and asparagus. He got up to relight the fire and after swinging a can of gas, some of it “accidentally” got on her body. The next thing she knew she was engulfed in flames.

She says,

I stopped, dropped and rolled while screaming bloody murder. I thought I was dying.


Fourth-degree burns ravaged her face and third-degree burns destroyed her hands, legs and feet. The first time she saw her face in the mirror she almost passed out. Her hands were so burned because she used them to try and put out the fire on her face.


When she got home, she didn’t think anything could get worse until her husband of four months (who was responsible for her life threatening burns) left her and her daughter.

Photos: Annabel Clark

According to Inside Edition – Courtney says he NEVER apologized for the accident. He says he has NOTHING to apologize for.

What a disloyal, cruel and unsavory dreg of society. An utter piece of Dog S**T!

If the reverse was the case you know the wife would take on a lifetime role of caring for the man! My goodness….stories like these make me very afraid of men!

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