This PSquare drama just gotten to another level of pure insanity!

Yesterday we told you the pop group had split up for the 3rd and final time!

Matter of fact Peter Okoye one half of the group had released a letter he sent to their lawyer terminating his contract with his twin brother – Paul and older brother/former manager – Jude Okoye.

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In that letter (dated Sept. 21, 2017) Peter had said that during a meeting the 3 brothers had with their lawyer Festus Keyamo last year, older bro Jude made a death threat to Peter, saying

Carry your coffin come

In the same letter he also said his twin had physically assaulted him.

Well..Peter came through with the receipts dahlings!

Just hours after congratulating Jude on the birth of his second child yesterday, Peter himself leaked the damning video…

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And it is UGLY!

It’s two against 1.

Jude & Paul against Peter.

Screaming and threatening him before finally almost coming to blows so much so that the other people present had to separate them.

Peter himself recorded the video which he leaked to LIB. Watch below

I feel he is indeed being victimised, a point he made in his letter to the lawyer.

Paul has reacted to the leaked video. He took to his Twitter page where he wrote this,


At this point it would be perfect if these brothers can work out their issues, but sometimes family is just so toxic you have to stay away from them for one’s own sanity.