English designer Stella McCartney is getting major side eye many Africans with her latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection, which she showcased yesterday (October 2, 2017) at Paris Fashion Week.

The reason why?

The high end fashion label’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection featured a good number of Ankara pieces. Ankara which is actually dutch wax is not originally African, however the distinctive print is synonymous with African fashion.

This greatly displeased Nigerians who did not hesitate to call out the brand for appropriating African fashion.

See some of the tweets below

The brand did say on their Instagram page that the outfits were African inspired…we can’t say if this came before of after they were dragged.

Personally I think as long as credit is being given, this is fantastic step for African fashion, after all African designers use lace, silk and quintessential western fabric without giving credit.