Yesterday (Oct. 3, 2017) we were all shocked by the damning allegations former Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma levelled against Davido.

Danjuma alleged the 23 year old popstar had been involved in the death of her friend – Tagbo.

She further went to allege that Davido and his crew had dumped Tagbo’s dead body at one of the General Hospitals in Lagos.

The mind blowing claims by Danjuma made blog headlines and has been the talk of social media, with many wondering what really happened to Tagbo? and what really caused his tragic death on his birthday?!

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All this talk has led to Caroline Danjuma becoming the number 1 trending topic on Google Nigeria today – October 4, 2017. She has had over 2,000 plus searched of her name in the search engine, with most of the Google searches coming from Lagos and Abuja.


As interest in this tragic story grows, a member of Davido’s entourage that night, Elejo who was at the club where Tagbo and Davido were seen on Monday (Oct. 2)  night has come forward to say that Tagbo did not get into Davido’s car (as claimed by Danjuma who said Tagbo died in the pop star’s car). He posted a video of the deceased and Davido at the club and wrote,

Caroline Danjuma, this is the video of us yesterday at the venue. We were all celebrating 2 people’s birthday which is #TAGBO and one other guy, we all had fun and everybody including @davidoofficialand crew said they were going to Oniru beach which the guy went with his car aswell, and that was the last time we saw him ,and later we heard that he died. #RIP#TAGBO.


In the meantime Davido who has been quiet through the media s**t storm of the last 24 hours has FINALLY broken his silence and responded to Danjuma’s claims.

A few minutes ago he took to his Snapchat page where he wrote,

RIP Tagbo. Love U bro

PPL ARE JUST WICKED!! This what I get for treating everyone like my brother!!

God knows the truth!

And finally,

I was deeply saddened by the sudden death of my friend. 1st and foremost my sincere condolences are with his family at this time. I’ve been in the same position multiple times and also of recent.

Sad all around. Such a tragic story.