There are some crazy laws in Africa!

For instance in Nigeria it is legal for a man to marry an underaged child but a homosexual couple gets 14 years imprisonment?!

I mean…that’s just one of the strange laws in this our continent.

There’s loads more…

A couple of days ago, a twitter user @Ikechii started a thread highlighting some crazy a** bizarre laws from across the continent. Laws like being arrested for being broke to being illegal to fart in public!

They will leave you giving whoever came up with these crazy laws some major side eye!

Check some of the strange and bizarre laws that can get you arrested, below:

1. Kenya: You can be arrested for walking around with no money in your pocket because it is illegal.

2. Sudan: It is illegal for men and women to sit together without a chaperone. Otherwise, they can be fined or jailed.

3. Guinea: The name, Monica. You can be arrested for giving the name to your child.

4. Ghana: An actor can be jailed for acting in too many movies.

5. Mauritania: It is illegal to renounce Islam. If you refuse to repent within 3 days, you’ll be sentenced to death.

6. Equatorial Guinea: It is illegal to read foreign books, magazines or literature.

7. Nigeria: It is illegal to import fruits, drinks, wine.

8. South Africa: It is illegal to purchase a TV without a license from the government.

9. Chad: It is illegal to take photographs in the country without getting permission beforehand.

10. Madagascar: It is illegal for pregnant women to wear hats in Madagascar.

11. Malawi: You can be charged for farting in public in Malawi.

12. Eritrea: It is illegal to practice a religion without first registering with the government.


We went researching (you know how we do!) and discovered a few more hella strange laws from around Africa.

13. Egypt: Not voting is illegal and punishable with imprisonment.

14. Somalia: It is illegal to carry old chewing gum, by sticking it to the tip of your nose.

I bet you did not think some of these laws will be this shocking, crazy and unbelievable!