Black women are often told they can’t wear colour on their hair especially blonde.

But more and more deeper skin tone women are taking the plunge and experimenting with colour. One of those women is yummy mummy pop star Tiwa Savage.

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This year we’ve seen the 37 year old rock regal purple hair and this past weekend she joined the blonde bombshell squad by dipping her strands into platinum dye. The results are gorgeous.

If you’re a black women especially dark skin, has some major tips (9 of them!) on how you too can go blonde while maintaining the health of your hair.

Cos maintaining the health of your hair is major key


1. Wig It!


Tiwa Savage

Most celebs opt for full on wigs as their jobs call for them to rock different looks in videos and on stage. Wigs no longer look like what our grand mothers used to wear, nowadays you can get a full lace wig that looks so realistic it will look just like the hair is growing out of your scalp. Wearing coloured wigs are a great way to see if a certain color works for you before taking the plunge to dye your natural tresses.

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2. Consult with a professional.


Before going to hair stylist or professional colorist to dye your natural hair, it is very important that you research their work. Celebrity colorist Julie Kim told Essence,

The biggest mistake most people make is walking into a salon asking for anyone to color their hair. I would recommend going to a colorist who has 5+ years of experience. Before starting on your hair, your colorist should be aware of your color history to ensure the ability to achieve the client’s desired color.

3. Don’t Do It Yourself!


Keke Palmer

Professional hairstylists advise that bleaching your hair yourself at home is an absolute no-no, no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch especially when you haven’t done it before. At home bleaching can be dangerous, as there strand tests and coloring methods that professionals do that non-professionals simply aren’t aware of.

If you have to DIY it, do extensive research and start of with a strand test.

4. Start from the Back!


Gabrielle Union

According to Julie Kim, when bleaching your natural hair, it is imperative you always start from the back taking an inch away from your roots and working your way up.

5. Deep Condition

Because bleach will dry out and damage your hair, it is advisable that you prep your hair for the harshness of the bleach by getting your hair deep conditioned one to two weeks before dying it.

6. Don’t bleach chemically relaxed hair.


Monica Brown via MonicaBrown/Instagram

Most professional colorists do not recommend bleaching anyone’s hair if it has been chemically processed or relaxed. As the chemically treated hair can be too thin from bleaching or the bleach could damage relaxed hair, which is already prone to breakage due to the relaxer chemicals.

7. Give It Time


Teyana Taylor

It’s important that you are aware that it’s highly likely that you will not get the exact shade of blonde you want after just one coloring session, especially if you are going from dark to blonde. Typically 2 – 4 sessions are required to achieve that platinum blonde look.

8. It’s Expensive


Jackie Aina

Maintaining blonde hair is NOT cheap! Because of the damage bleaching your natural hair can cause, extra care is needed to prevent your tresses from becoming damaged and dry.

These treatments include: protein treatments and extra deep conditioning treatments to maintain your hair’s health. Be prepared to pay a hefty price for healthy and safe processing of your new blonde look.

9. Sulphate Free & Purple Shampoos


DJ Cuppy Otedola

Because of the fragility of your newly dyed blonde locks it is recommended you use special sulphate free shampoos made specifically for chemically dyed hair. You should also use a purple shampoo to tone the hair colour and eliminate yellowness

10. Stay Away From Heat!

Bleaching your hair is known to loosen curl patterns during the bleaching process so it is imperative that you stay away from styling your hair with heat (i.e. straighteners, tonging, blow drying) for at least a month as this can cause heat damage and loosen your curls further.

To bring your curls back to life in addition to protein treatments and deep conditioning you must also keep your hair hydrated…so MOISTURIZE!