dangerous skin bleaching relaxer that1960chick

It’s not news that skin bleaching is prevalent not just among Nigerians but among darker skin people of other cultures.

This is inspite of the dangers of skin bleaching being widely known.

Which is what makes this story even more shocking!

Yesterday [Oct. 25, 2017] a skincare/skin bleaching expert was exposed for mixing chemical hair relaxers like Dark & Lovely’s Relaxers, with their skin bleaching formula and marketing it as “organic and natural” unbeknownst to their customers.

The unnamed seller who was divulging their top secret formula to someone else who was buying from them to resell, even admitted in the text conversation that the relaxer infused skin whitening product could cause cancer!


The deadly skin whitening formula was exposed by an Instagram user and judging from the comments on the post relaxers added to other dangerous skin bleaching formulas is not new. In addition to that there are other dangerous ingredients being added to these skin whitening products that promise to lighten you more than 3 shades in a week.

Instagram user this_is_uba said,

I don’t know why you guys are surprised???well…its not strange to me as i grew up in Lagos,this method of skin bleaching existed far back and was a trend from 80’s & early 90’s, another method was mixing toothpaste and blue colored OMO detergent.

While another user huddahbeauty confirmed that laundry bleach is also used,

Na wa o….I even heard some pple mix hypo/bleach. What will somebody not see in this Nigeria! Its is well o.

This is incredibly disgusting and it is still shocking to me how people knowing the dangers of chemically bleaching their skin still go ahead to bleach their skin.

I wish the Instagram user had named and shamed the person mixing these dangerous chemicals and marketing them as organic and natural.At least let people know what they are buying, if they still choose to use the products knowing the ingredients used to produce them, then that’s on them.