Kelly Rowland Family Pictures

Destiny’s child alum Kelly Rowland her hubby – Tim Witherspoon and her precious 2-year-old son Titan are serving all types of adorable vibes in a photo series shot by actor Lance Gross.

The celebrity couple are the guest stars of the latest episode of Lance Gross’s “I Turn My Camera On” series for Essence Magazine and they are giving viewers some harsh truths about marriage, including their biggest misconceptions about marriage, with Kelly saying;

The biggest misconception I had about marriage was [that] it’s not that storybook, happiness stuff all the time. There are times when I’m just like, “He gets on my nerves.” And I know there are times when he’s like, “This woman is crazy.”

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She also spoke on how blessed having her family makes her feel;

For me, the fact that we started our family together is another part of love. That is what I’ve always wanted that; a great husband and family. So, I think I feel overwhelmingly blessed to the point where you just wake up with so much gratitude.

Kelly Rowland Family Pictures

With her manager/hubby adding that their son is a completion of their family;

Titan becomes the bridge between us. And you realize that he completes the circle.

Watch the full episode below

Image Credit: Lance Gross