Wendy Williams Collapses Internet Makes Fun With Memes

Yesterday (Oct. 31, 2017) controversial talk show host – Wendy Williams passed out live on TV right in the middle of talking, she began to slur her words, stumbled and toppled over. The show’s producers rushed to the stage, cut to black and then went to a commercial.

At first many thought it was a ratings stunt but when she came back on air after attributing her collapse to being “overheated” from her Halloween costume, the seriousness of her TV collapse became the topic of conversation.

Because Wendy is controversial and hasn’t been nice to a lot of celebrities, many did not feel bad about poking fun of the 55 year old’s live TV fainting.

Many have taken it a step further and gone to town producing memes poking fun at the talk show host’s ill health and while one should really NEVER laugh at someone who is in ill health….

Even Wendy would find these FUNNY! 

Check out some of them below!

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