How To Match Fenty Beauty Foundation Shade Online TeefahXOXO

Hey dolls!

I know I am super late to the Rihanna Fenty Beauty party but I finally got my hands on some products from Riri’s highly buzzed about makeup collection which has shaken up the make up game with it’s debut launch of 40 foundation shades.

What I discovered was that when shopping for my Fenty Foundation in particular, it was challenging matching my correct foundation shade online, because we do not have a Sephora or Harvey Nichols where I live, which is Nigeria.

But I found a method I used which worked for me and I was able to correctly match my foundation shade to 430.

Perhaps this will work for you too, especially if you don’t have access to a Sephora store to get matched.

Aside foundation shade matching, I was disappointed to find that Fenty doesn’t ship to Nigeria. I commend Riri for her game changing makeup line, but how are you going to call your makeup range “all inclusive” with worldwide shipping & not ship to Nigeria???

Fenty needs to do better…cos that s**t don’t make no time of sense!

Rant over find out how I succesfully match my Fenty Beauty foundation shade…online…below.


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