Happy New Year lovies! It’s officially 2018 and we are all on our #NewYearNewMe vibe!

A New Year signifies a fresh start, a clean slate which is why many people make New Year resolutions…which are so difficult to keep by the way!

Personally I don’t make New Year resolutions but research shows that most people abandon their New Year resolutions by the second/third week of January.

Shocking but true.

Most of us truly want to make a change in our lives and when the New Year comes rolling in, we are charged with so much motivation. But that exhilarating feeling of motivation doesn’t last that long when life gets in the way. Especially this Naija life of no light, no petrol, bad economy to name a few.

So in the quest to keep New Year’s resolutions (for those who make them) and slay my goals this year, I have rounded up 8 simple tips which I will be using to stay motivated to achieve my 2018 goals and you can use them also.

They are:

  1. Remember Why You Started
  2. Write Down Your Goals
  3. Constantly Keep Learning & Developing Yourself
  4. Take Breaks & Relax
  5. Align Yourself With People With Similar Interests
  6. Listen, Watch, Read Stuff That Motivates You
  7. Willpower Not Motivation Is What Achieves Goals
  8. Just Start

Watch the video below


What are your New Year resolutions and goals for 2018? Which of these tips would you be using?