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#BBHotshots Did Idris Sultan Of Tanzania Deserve To Win Big Brother Africa Hotshots Over Nigeria’s Tayo Faniran?

I watched with millions of Nigerians last night when Idris Sultan of Tanzania was named the winner of the 2014 Big Brother Africa Hotshots. The stunned look on the face of the Nigerian rep Tayo Faniran, when IK Osakioduwa called out Idris’ name & not his was the same reaction I had…disbelief. I honestly thought Tayo would win!!!

With this, photographer and graphic designer, Idris became $300,000 (N50 Million) richer, he said he would put his cash prize back into Africa because he loves Africa so much, Tayo was gonna spend his money on his family and use part of it to pay the bride price of the woman he loves.


#BBAHotshots Laveda M**turbates In Front Of Everyone! Fellow Housemate Calls Her An Embarrassment To Tanzania [Video]



If you watch Big Brother Africa, you know Friday night is parrrrrry night…music & alcohol flow freely! This Friday things got very frisky with Tanzanian housemate Laveda.

She’d had quite a bit to drink that night with her fellow housemates, when she’d drunk herself to a stupor she went upstairs for a one on one meeting with her hands 😉

On getting upstairs, she proceeded to strip and started to pleasure herself on fellow Tanzanian Idris’ bed! And she wasn’t discrete about it either, she was moaning and groaning right in front of the other housemates who were upstairs at the time.


#BBHotshots Evicted Nigerian Housemate – Lillian Has A Message For The Haters Who Called Her Out For Only Twerking In The House!

Lilian Afegbai the first Nigerian housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Hotshots house has come under fire from fans of the show for doing nothing more than twerking in the house.

The twerk queen who was booted off the show last Sunday (Oct. 19) has taken to social media to thank her fans and take a swipe at her haters!

Read her message after the jump


#BBHotshots – Nigeria’s Twerk Queen Lilian, Sabina & Esther Evicted + Tayo Nominated Again!

lilian afegbai 1j

lilian afegbai 1j

Nigeria’s second rep in the Big Brother Hotshots House, Lilian Afegbai became the second evictee at last night’s eviction show. The former stripper who was known as the twerking queen of the house becomes the first Nigerian to be sent packing. Last night’s eviction show also saw the exit of Esther from Uganda and Sabina from Kenya.

During the live eviction show, Lilian told show host IK Osakioduwa that she was very shocked to have been evicted.


#BBHotshots Recap: Resa & Mira Become 1st Housemates Evicted, Tayo Up For Eviction This Week, Olamide & Phyno Shutdown Eviction Show

first kiss hotshots

Yesterday (Oct. 12) was the first eviction show of this season’s Big Brother Africa Show, all 25 housemates were up for eviction except head of House, Laveda, who got excluded from this week’s vote with her saxophone performance at last week’s launch show.

Just before the first housemate was evicted, Nigerian rappers Olamide & Phyno brought down the house with a performance of “Go Slow”


#BBAHotShots Someone Is Shopping Around Nekkid Pictures Of A Big Brother Africa Hotshots Housemate!



It’s only been a few days since reality show Big Brother Africa Hotshot premiered and if the reports reaching us are anything to go by, some nekkid pictures of one of the housemates could soon be making their to a laptop or phone near you!

The publisher of has said someone has contacted him claiming to have some nasty photos of one of the housemates. And the person is willing to let them have the pictures for a price! They have ruled out the possibility of the person being a scam as the pictures exist!


#BBAHotshots Nigerian Housmate Lillian Gets A Butt Massage From Luis [Watch Video]

It’s just Day 1 & the shenanigans are well under way in the Big Brother Africa Hotshots house! This evening Nigerian rep Lilian, got her a$$ massaged by Luis from Namibia. Lilian descrobed herself as an exotic dancer when interviewed by IK Osakioduwa at last night’s launch show

Shout to Biggie for accompanying the video with some sleazy p**n type music…

Watch the video after the jump


Big Brother Africa Hotshots Kicks Off! Nigeria Represented By Stripper – Lilian & Singer – Tayo! Will You Be Watching?

The 2014 edition of Big Brother Africa is well underway!

The show which saw the launch postponed after the house was gutted by fire on Sept. 2nd, kicked off at 6pm Nigerian time with a 2 hour launch show hosted by IK Osakioduwa and saw performances Davido, Diamond Platinumz, Casper Nyovest and others.

The 26 housemates who will be competing for the big win, each took part in a talent contest before they entered the house, their performances were scored by the audience and the person with the highest score was named the head of house for this week. 23 year old Laveda who blew everyone’s mind with a super awesome saxophone performance won the contest and was named head of the house for this week.

Nigeria’s reps are Lilian & Tayo. IK introduced Lilian as an exotic dancer, which we all know is a fancy name for a stripper LOL! While Tayo introduced himself as an MC & a singer.

Check out all the housemates after the jump


Beverly Osu Blames Nigerians For Causing Relationship Break Up With Angelo Collins…



Listen up Nigerians! Y’all are to blame for the failure of Beverly Osu & Angelo Collins short-lived BBA romance!

If you watched the last Big Brother Africa show or kept up with shenanigans online, you are well aware of Nigerian rep 21 year old Beverly Osu’s intense relationship with 38 year old South African Angelo Collins.

They seemed very hot for each other in the BBA house, making out everywhere & even talking marriage at one point, but sadly in the post BBA reality of life their relationship could not last & Beverly blames Nigerians for that!

Read what she had to say about it all in a recent interview with HipHopWorld


Post BBA: Beverly Osu Plans To Open A Church & Still Denies Having Sex With Angelo…



In a recent interview with Punch, Nigeria’s representative at the just concluded Big Brother Africa reality show talks about growing up in a very strict Catholic home, so strict that her mom made her ride her bicycle in their living room, she also talks about wanting to be a nun growing up & her plans to set up a church…and of course her infamous romp with Angelo.

Sidenote: Beverly’s upbringing was so strict yet Bev went ahead to have sex (even though she says she didn’t) on live TV. This just proves my theory about kids that grow up with super strict parents…they become the biggest freaks! LOL

Read the entire interview after the jump


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