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Where Is This Generation Heading? Man Lies About Friend Being Kidnapped Just To Be Popular On Twitter!!!


The social media struggle is so real!!! People will do about anything got become Twitter or Instagram famous… Like lie that their friend has been kidnapped!

That’s exactly what one Twitter user @Ali_Giggs did this past week. He lied his friend was missing just so he could get retweets!

It’s very sad that our generation has become so obsessed with finding popularity online that they would post n*des, lie that a family member has died & now… lie about someone being kidnapped! The sad thing is most of them can’t translate their 15 seconds of social media popularity to cold hard cash money…SMH. 

The initial tweets about the fake missing person got 1500 retweets before he was exposed by the supposed kidnapped person.

He deserves a GEJ for this…

Check on the tweets after the jump


Nigerian Man Threatens To Expose His Ex’s Nu-des, What Happened After Surprised Everyone



It’s no secret these days that a lot of disgruntled exes especially men, take to exposing their former boos nudes online in an attempt to get back at them for breaking their poor little hearts.

A couple of days ago a girl on Twitter simply known as Kainenechukwu revealed that her ex was threatening to post nude pics she had sent him online.


Wizkid War Of Words With J Martins: Says He Is Dissapointed In J. Martins Over Comments Saying He Has A Bad Attitude. J. Martins Responds




I have to admit it’s never boring with these Naija celebs. Last night twitter went loco after Wizkid took shots at his senior in the music game – J Martins in a series of tweets.

It all started cos of Wizkid’s diss to a fan last week, after the fan stated on Wizzy’s Instagram page that Wizkid needed to go back to school for his poor use of the English language. Wizkid angrily replied the fan stating “Broke people will always have an opinion” [Read That Story Here To Refresh Your Memory]

On Monday Vanguard Nigeria revealed that J Martins in an interview with an Abuja radio station addressed Wizkid’s fan outburst by saying Wizkid had a bad attitude. Read his exact words after the jump


Paris Promoter Puts Ice Prince On Major Blast, Says He Should Be Lynched, For Turning Up Many Hours Behind Schedule For Paris Concert?



While Ice Prince was having his photo taken in front of famous Paris monument the Eiffel Tower, a Paris based concert promoter was putting him on major blast & calling him all kinds of names for his late appearance & poor showing in Paris on Saturday 17th August. It turns out Ice Prince was billed for a 10 pm appearance at the Salons Wilson Club in Paris but it is claimed by the promoter he didn’t turn up till 6am the following morning! 8 hours behind schedule!!!

The waiting fans were not pleased as they took to twitter to vent their frustrations at Ice Prince, who then tweeted an apology but shifted blame to the show’s promoters.

See his tweets after the jump.


“Broke People Always Have An Opinion” Wizkid Put’s Fan On Blast For Telling Him To Go Back To School

DavudoGirlfriend_FunmiAboderin2_that1960chickdotcom copy


Celebs are always getting into some kind of social quarrel with their fans on twitter. From Rihanna to Chris Brown to Dvideo to Wizkid celebrities on twitter & Instagram are an easy target for fans.

In the most recent case of Wizkid versus Fan, it all started when Wizkid posted the above photo a few days ago with the caption “About to perform at this wedding with an hangover! Jah guide! Lol”

The offending word “an hangover” instead of “a hangover”.

Read more after the jump


Kelly Hansome “An Empty Pocket Doesn’t Deserve An Erection” – Do You Agree?



Controversial rapper Kelly Hansome was giving some relationship wisdom on twitter yesterday, when he dropped this gem of a quote “An empty pocket does not deserve an erection”, Translation: Broke niccas have no business having sex-ing. #GBAM

Read More Below


Davido Threatens Blogger Sheifunmi With Grievous Bodily Harm At MTV Press Parley In Lagos


Offending celebrities is one of the hazards of being a celebrity or gossip blogger.

You write a story they don’t like, even if it’s true they get pissed. It’s one of those things, it comes with the territory. But when lives start getting threatened then there is a major problem, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Yesterday at a press conference parley for The MTV Africa All Stars event which is going down tonight in Lagos. Davido threatened to beat up and have killed blogger Sheifunmi Yusuf if the latter came close to him for an interview.

Read an eyewitness’s account of what went down below


Jim Iyke Wants You To Know That If You Hated His Ridiculous AMCVA Outfit You Can Hug A Transformer


…And kick rocks while your are at it.

I have said it time and time again Jim Iyke feeds off negative press, the blogosphere & twitter went awry with all manner of slander when photos of the “fashion forward” actor wearing that ridiculous David Bowler suit & shorts combo to the AMVCA’s on Saturday hit the internet. In true Jim Iyke fashion rather than take the criticism to heart, he has once again taken to twitter to revel in the attention & address his haters.


Celebrities Need To Be Careful What They Do On Skype: A Case Study Of Iyanya & His Twitter Fan



Early this morning (Naija time) a picture went viral on twitter, of pop star Iyanya having a skype conversation with a random girl (I’m not going to publish her name here) he met on twitter. It would appear said girl posted a screenshot of their Skype conversation to get some attention (cos I really don’t know why she had to post the picture of a private phone call for the world to see?!) But I digress…


Does Jim Iyke Have A Crush On Linda Ikeji?

BBfeRrjCYAABuCq.jpg_large copy

Nollywood bad boy Jim Iyke has gone in on controversial blogger Linda Ikeji again. This is like the gazillionth time in a few months, just last week he called her an anorexic hermaphrodite chimp.


Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 07.25.52And a few days ago on twitter he went in again, this time labelling her “an anorexic cut & paste bitch” complete with an F-U sign!

At this point I’m convinced Jim Iyke is crushing on Linda and wants her bad, he is also loving the attention (albeit negative) he is getting from all this. Maybe he’s a narcissist.


My advice to Linda & Jim…give in to your true feelings. Life is too short for all these games LMAO!




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