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Iyanya, Eedrees Abdulkareem React To Being Left Out Of MTV Top 20 Naija Songs List + Chidi Mokeme Blasts List For Excluding Fela Kuti



Looks like MTV Base Africa Top 20 Naija songs list we reported on yesterday has ruffled some feathers! Some of the artistes whose songs were excluded from the list have reacted and  they are not hiding their displeasure!

Iyanya’s Kukere which was a huge hit was not included in the list and Iyanya did not hesitate to call MTV out for not recognizing it!

He wrote on Twitter yesterday,


Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem wasn’t as nice as Iyanya, he wrote


Wizkid War Of Words With J Martins: Says He Is Dissapointed In J. Martins Over Comments Saying He Has A Bad Attitude. J. Martins Responds




I have to admit it’s never boring with these Naija celebs. Last night twitter went loco after Wizkid took shots at his senior in the music game – J Martins in a series of tweets.

It all started cos of Wizkid’s diss to a fan last week, after the fan stated on Wizzy’s Instagram page that Wizkid needed to go back to school for his poor use of the English language. Wizkid angrily replied the fan stating “Broke people will always have an opinion” [Read That Story Here To Refresh Your Memory]

On Monday Vanguard Nigeria revealed that J Martins in an interview with an Abuja radio station addressed Wizkid’s fan outburst by saying Wizkid had a bad attitude. Read his exact words after the jump


Paris Promoter Puts Ice Prince On Major Blast, Says He Should Be Lynched, For Turning Up Many Hours Behind Schedule For Paris Concert?



While Ice Prince was having his photo taken in front of famous Paris monument the Eiffel Tower, a Paris based concert promoter was putting him on major blast & calling him all kinds of names for his late appearance & poor showing in Paris on Saturday 17th August. It turns out Ice Prince was billed for a 10 pm appearance at the Salons Wilson Club in Paris but it is claimed by the promoter he didn’t turn up till 6am the following morning! 8 hours behind schedule!!!

The waiting fans were not pleased as they took to twitter to vent their frustrations at Ice Prince, who then tweeted an apology but shifted blame to the show’s promoters.

See his tweets after the jump.


Shots Fired: Samini Disses P-Square, Ghana Vs Nigeria, Azonto Vs Alingo


Looks like the Ghanians are not letting go of their number one claim to fame: The Azonto Dance Craze, a few days ago Ghanaian dance-hall artiste Samini released a diss track which accuses P-Square of copying the Azonto song and dance on Alingo, the diss track was sung over the Alingo beat.

The song has causeed so much uproar on twitter with Nigerians and Ghanains taking shots at each other.


WTF Jim Iyke Goes In On Blogger Linda Ikeji…Calls Her A Haemaphrodite Witch & Anorexic Chimp!


Here we go again in 2013.

I’m beginning to think Jim Iyke has way too much time on his hands. Isn’t he meant to be a busy actor? Where does he get time to twitter beef bloggers?!

A few days ago a couple of bloggers and myself posted a shirtless photo of Jim Iyke celebrating his fit and toned body. See it HERE

Blogger Linda Ikeji also ran the story with the caption ‘Every time I write about this dude he comes after me on Twitter, but I must do my job na…lol. Nice body’ Nothing offensive right? But it seems that and comments on the picture riled the actor to the point where he called Linda Ikeji a “haemaphrodite witch and an anorexic chimp”.

Where I come from those are fighting words! LOL!

See his tweets after the jump


2011 Headies Album of the Year Beef : M.I. says he deserved to win not Tuface Idibia’s Unstoppable

We now know how M.I. truly felt on Saturday night when Tuface Idibia’s Unstoppable album was named Album of the Year at the 2011 Headies (Hip Hop World Awards). A few hours ago the short black boy (his words not mine) went on a twitter rant, saying he his album MI2 should have won album of the year at the Headies. He went on to say he thought MI2 was legendary project, with the best collabs, hits & what not. After several tweet rants, the insults started coming at him fast and furious from 2Face’s twitter fans.

I guess he realized he messed up cos he then paid 2Baba a backhanded compliment saying “Tuface was a worthy winner” this after implying his album was better than Unstoppable.

M.I. we get that you wanted to win…so did all the other nominees. You didn’t….eat some humble pie, take a seat and calm down.

So far there has been no response from 2face…I doubt he will respond to MI’s rants. Which is one of the reasons his fans ride hard for him, his humility is legendary, and you will never hear him speak like M.I. just did.

With that said I love MI as an artist, I find his arrogance distasteful though. MI2 was a great album, he’s done amazing things for Naija doubt. But the better album won. Point.Blank. Move On.

See M.I’s tweets after the jump


Twitter Feud | Wale vs Kola Boof (Osama Bin Laden’s former mistress), calls him a Chimp-brained Nigerian

On twitter there is never a shortage of people going in on each other. It’s always one twitter fight after another, 140 characters is never enough to relay one’s full emotion so when there’s a twitter battle our timelines are usually bombarded with full blown rants. at least until 1 party calms down.

In this weeks edition of Twitter Beef, Kola Boof, an Egyptian/Sudanese writer best known for being Osama bin Laden‘s (yes him) mistress blasted Nigerian/American rapper Wale for his “lack of black women” in his Pretty Girls video. She ranted about this and also said Wale promotes “Skin bleaching”.

By the way there were black women in that video, dunno what she’s on about.

Check out hers and Wale’s tweet, plus said video s after the jump


Hell hath no fury, Toni Payne goes in on 9ice?

Last night Toni Payne singer 9ice’s wife (they aren’t divorced yet) went in on 9ice in a series of tweets. She didn’t name names, but it is a fair assumption to say she was referring to her ex and their situation.

Earlier this year the couple shocked everyone with the announcement of their separation after 18months of marriage, the couple stated they would remain co-parents, good friends and business partners and that was that.

But in April a song off 9ice’s Tradition album “Once Bitten Twice Shy” began generating major buzz for its lyrical content, it spoke of him catching an ex giving his friend “nodding” (oral sex for those who don’t know, yeah I had to learn that too…LOL). Many were convinced he was referring to Toni and the friend in question rapper Ruggedman, who is said to have been one of 9ice’s best friends. Fans and the media took this as 9ice’s way of addressing the cause of his marriage breaking up.

More tweets after the break!


Naeto C, MI react to MNETs Top 10 Rappers List

Naeto C, MI, artistes and hip-hop enthusiasts have taken to twitter over the past couple of days to express their disappointment at the Top Ten African Rappers list compiled and published by MNET Africa last week.  The list is as follows:

1.HHP(South Africa)

2.D black(Ghana)



5.Sasha (Nigeria)



8.Dama Do Bling(Mozambique)


10.Tumi(South Africa)

Seriously?! Where the f*£k are Modenine & Proverb on this list? Plus I would like to know what this list is based on? Popularity, Awards, Lyrical Prowess,  Radio & TV Airplay? then surely Naeto C & K’Naan would be on the list?!

M.I. who is number 3 on the list says via his twitter:

And Naeto has said:

Personally speaking I think the poorly researched top ten mc list by Mnet Is totally trash, I almost threw up my lunch when I read it