More Pictures from Bursting Out & Holding Hope Premieres

I’ve just got some more pictures from the Bursting Out and Holding Hope premieres. Once again everyone (well almost everyone…) stepped up their fashion game, and I have to say I am impressed, be warned though there are some H-I-D-E-O-U-S ensembles here, however i have put them at the end of the post, lets call them bottom of the pile. Enjoy!

Actress, Mona Lisa Chinda glows in purple dress.

Ghanian actress, Nadia Buari (Holding Hope) love, love, love the bright red min dress with ruffle detail and the gladiator inspired heels, NICE!


Jay Jay Okocha Biopic planned

Apparently there is a JayJay Okocha biopic in the works, it will be called Feet of Destiny (no surprises there…nollywood movie…cheesy title). The movie will reportedly span the entirety of Okocha’s life, including his football career.

Emeka Ike is lined up to play the football ace….Jimmy Jean Luis (Phat Girlz) will also be appearing.

Still on the topic of  biopics, there is also a DAGRIN movie in the works – which would chronicle the late rapper’s life and his tragic death at 26 in April 2010. I hope these movies are done justice, and cast properly, as they more often than not Nollywood productions turn out to be over-acted, badly directed and poorly produced.

“Nuff said

What are your thoughts?

Source: Linda Ikeji


Video: Missing You – Omotola

Check out Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde looking hella sexy in her new video

It’s the actress’s latest foray into music, after a commercial lukewarm reception to her debut effort. But that hasn’t deterred Omo-Sexy as she’s back with a new track “Missing You”, a mid-tempo pop rock song from her forthcoming album. The video was shot in South Africa by Bobby Boulders, and stars South African model Chris Du Plessis as her love interest.

Video is great and she looks HOT, same can’t be said about the song though…I feel it would have sounded better without auto-tune and maybe if someone else sang it?

Actresses want to sing, Singers want to act…

What are your thoughts?


Spotted on the red carpet…

Nollywood stars hit up the premiere of two movies this past weekend “Bursting Out starring Genevieve Nnaji” and “Holding Hope starring Uche Jumbo“. Check out some of the images from the red carpet at Silver Bird Galleria, Lagos.

Love, Love, Love the gold asymmetric structured dress on Stephanie Okereke, The entire look is on point, from her hair, to the jewellery, and the shoes…H2T (head to toe) perfection. I wish she didn’t have the gold bracelet/watch (can’t see clearly) on her left wrist but she’s looking so good…u don’t even notice it.

Genevieve for me has been hitting all the right style notes lately, and she doesn’t dissapoint in this black  drape dress, the length with just a hint of thigh showing, accessories, hair, make up – all combine for the perfect look.

Actress, Ebube Nwangbo is also rocking a  similar look in this floral skirt and shoulder- pad black top, very effortless and chic! looks like she didn’t try hard at all.

Uche Jumbo star of Holding Hope is working that shaved head, which was done for the movie, she plays a woman diagnosed with cancer, talk about commitment to a role. She looks great, her make up is flawless and her dress is very red carpet appropriate. It’s a safe look though, with that bald head i’d have liked to see her in something more dramatic – but this works.


Kelis rocking Jewel by Lisa

Kelis was spotted yesterday at the Big Chill Festival in, Herefordshire, England. The “BOSSY” chick and mother of one, has been spotted in a number of pieces from Jewel By Lisa‘s Spring 2010 collection while on the promo trail of her new album Flesh Tone.

And the same was the case yesterday, where she was rocking a Cleopatra-inspired look, with jewels in her hair wearing a gold beaded ankara mini dress from the Nigerian designer’s most recent collection.

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Fab Chick: Iman Celebrates with ESSENCE Magazine’s at the NYSE

Fab chicka – Iman Bowie, was spotted yesterday at the New York Stock Exchange ringing the closing bell with Essence magazine editor in chief, in celebration of the magazine’s 4oth anniversary.  This chick is old enough to be my mother and she f$&*king looks better than me and almost everyone i know. I need the name of her dermatologist, weave supplier, personal trainer, nutritionist and plastic surgeon asap! not like i can afford any of that ish!

The 55 year old Somalian super-model & business woman; also graces the magazine’s 40th anniversary cover along fellow supermodels, Liya Kebede and conflict diamond receiver Naomi Campbell (in her defence she probably didn’t know they were conflict).

On a side note Essence Magazine recent came under fire for hiring a white woman as it’s senior fashion director…seriously?!

More pictures of Iman after the jump.


P-Square make female fans go berserk…

Twin megastars P-Square have just concluded a successful tour of the states & Canada, which saw them perform in Houston, LA, Minnesota, Oakland, Maryland, Toronto and New York. According to reports, tickets were sold out at each venue, and the Maryland show was almost cancelled due to it being filled to capacity!

As with any tour there will always be wild stories….

And the story goes that Peter the super dooper hot one – was swooped by girls in the crowd during a performance, they stripped him bare and tried to have sex with him right there and then! He was rescued by security but not before the girls made away with most of his clothing.

If the part about them wanting to have sex with him right there is true (which i SERIOUSLY doubt), did they think they could get away with it? I mean he IS hot!, and heaven knows in his presence i would get all flustered and shit…but how about doing what any self respecting groupie would…stalk the tour bus, and hope you get noticed!

On a brighter note, Peter goes on to describe the tour as being very successful; especially the group being approached by Drake to collaborate on a song. He goes on to say:

Aside the fact that all the shows were sold out, the passion shown by the fans, particularly the white girls, was incredible. I never knew the Americans love us that much. Surprisingly, they knew the lyrics of our songs and were singing along with us.

Dunno what is meant by “particularly the white girls”? But hey…go figure. They are expected to tour some more US cities next year.


New Music: I’m Ready for You-Drake feat. Nneka

The internet is abuzz with a new leak from Drake’s upcoming R&B mixtape. The song I’m Ready for you, samples the chorus of Nneka’s “Heartbeat” and also features her on the track.

I LOVE IT…then again I’m a total Drizzy stan 🙂 and Nneka is my chick any day. I can’t decide which i prefer though!

Listen to both songs and tell me what you think.

I’m ready for you ( feat. Nneka) – Drake[audio: For You.mp3|titles=Drake – I’m Ready For You]

Heartbeat – Nneka[audio:|titles=Nneka -Heartbeat]

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No to Vogue Africa?!

Imagine my disappointment when I found out Condé Nast had said NO to a license for Vogue Africa! I mean there’s a Vogue India, Vogue Turkey and even Vogue Taiwan! No to African Vogue…now that’s just f’d up!

Cameroonian photographer and make-up artist Mario Epanya earlier this year started pitching the idea of Vogue Africa to Condé Nast. In order to get the publisher to see the potential in the magazine he created several fictional covers, featuring gorgeous images that paid homage to African women.

Mario posted on his facebook page

“DEAR ALL. The Wait is over. Condé Nast said NO to an African license of VOGUE. So this is the last cover. Enjoy, but it’s a beginning of something”

According to the fashion bomb daily Mario, said

“…About a month ago I sent the director of Condé Nast France a message, via my friend, asking how I would go about getting a license for Vogue Africa. He replied that no, it would not be possible to do the project.”


Naomi Campbell brings glamour to the Hague

Naomi Campbell is in court…again! No she hasn’t assaulted anyone with a mobile device! Thank the Lord! She is giving her testimony at the War Crimes trial of Former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. Her Hague appearance is the number 1 trending topic today on twitter.

She is testifying as a result of an incident in Cape Town 1997, where Naomi was a guest of then president Mandela, alongside Quincy Jones, actress Mia Farrow, Charles Taylor and 7 others. Based on reports Farrow said Charles Taylor so struck by Naomi’s beauty, arranged for her to be given a rough diamond, Naomi told her that during the night Taylor’s men “knocked on her door and that they had given her a huge diamond and it was like, Oh my gosh!” Farrow also went on to say Campbell had told her that she was going to donate the diamond to Mandela’s children’s charities. She added she thought no more about it until the Taylor prosecution unfolded.

Based on this Campbell was summoned to give evidence during Taylor’s war trial on August 5 2010. During the trial the model revealed how two black men who came to her hotel room gave her a pouch containing “dirty stones”. The men, who she had never met, told her “there is a gift for you”. They gave her a “pouch” which she opened the next morning and containing “a few small very dirty looking stones”. They were from Charles Taylor. Despite believing the stones were a gift from Taylor, she had no intention of thanking him, she says

“I had no way of contacting him and I had no intention of contacting him.”

Naomi’s testimony which she has tried to avoid for “fear of hers and her family’s safety” brings to light the reminder that diamonds were central to the war in Sierra Leone, and the issue of blood diamonds has yet to be resolved.

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