Leonardo DiCaprio Serves Covers Rolling Stone Magazine


Leonardo Dicaprio is serving us rugged sexiness as he covers the recent edition of Rolling Stone Magazine . In this issue the actor who continually gets snubbed for an Oscar award speaks on having children and being bullied in middle school for being a loud mouth.

On being bullied in school

I was a bit of a loudmouth and I was in an environment where the elements aligned to have kids smack the hell outta me once in a while.

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Twitter Nigeria Shades The Hell Out Of Dammy Krane For Accusing Wizkid Of Stealing


Yesterday, Dammy Krane called Wizkid out on twitter for allegedly stealing some mysterious item from him, we are yet to discover what it is.

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Of course you know Twitter Nigeria had a lot to say on the issue which became a nationwide trending topic on the microblogging site! They jumped all over Dammy Krane & dragged him by his hairline all over these Twitter streets.

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Newly Single Toyin Aimakhu Brings On The Sexy As She Shows Off Thigh Tattoo In Nothing But A Towel 

Toyin Aimakhu is embracing her sexy side in a new photo shoot which she shared on her Instagram page.

The actress who recently got separated from her actor hubby can be seen in nothing but a white towel as she gives the camera a sultry glare, while showing off the huge tattoo on her thigh!

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Davido vs Sophia Momodu Part 12: Popstar Says, “She Slept With My Dad’s Friend & Lied About Her Age”


It’s not over!

With the alleged report that Davido and his baby mama Sophia Momodu had decided to make peace we thought their public spat was over…but we were so wrong.

At the height of the child abduction accusations leveled against the Adeleke’s by Sophie, she filed a petition against them with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

Last Wedneday 7th January Davido accompanied by his dad Deji Adeleke were invited to the agency where he was invited to make a statement regarding the case between him and his estranged baby mama.

Thanks to Whistle Nigeria parts of his statement have come to light and we can now tell you what Davido told the agency.

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Twitter Nigeria Blames Leaders Incompetence For The Missing 2016 Budget!


The news that the country’s 2016 budget is missing, both hard and soft copies is a mind boggling tale to all of us and twitter Nigeria is also wondering how a budget could simply go missing while in the possession of our leaders.

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New Beef Alert! Dammy Krane Calls Out Wizkid For Being A Thief!!!


A new feud seems to be brewing and this time it is between Dammy Krane and Wizkid. Dammy Krane took to twitter to accuse Wizkid of being a thief but we are yet to know what Wizkid reportedly stole from him.

Dammy Krane released quite a number of angry tweets which makes us wonder what went down between the two. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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#CodedTinzPoliticiansDo: Twitter Nigeria Calls Out Nigerian Politicians Over Failed Promises & Corruption!


Today on Nigerian Twitter it’s the turn of Nigerian politicians to be called out! Twitter Nigeria has started a trending new hashtag called #CodedTinzPoliticiansDo which basically blasts our country’s politicians for their failed promises and actions.

It’s another hilarious one!

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Dolapo Oni Smoulders As She Covers Debut Issue of Blanck Lite

Blanck Magazine Cover

Media personality and Actress, Marcy Dolapo Oni is on the cover of the first issue of Blanck Lite, a free monthly mini version of Blanck Magazine.

Dolapo can be seen rocking a white button down shirt paired with tailored trousers, a vampy makeup look and tousled hair completes her cover look.

In the magazine she talks about everything from work, her new marital status and plans for the future.

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Kiss Daniel Crashes Car Into Canal While Using His Phone!


Don’t text/tweet/IG & drive kids!

Breakout music star Kiss Daniel last night was involved in a car crash in the Lekki area of Lagos, when he crashed into a canal while using his phone.

He recounted his scary experience this morning on his Instagram page writing,

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Nick Cannon Reveals He Won’t Be Getting Married Again After Divorce From Mariah Carey


Nick Cannon doesn’t want to ever get married again after trying it once with Mariah Carey!

He shared his thoughts on marriage and children in the recent edition of Dujour Magazine, stating that he does not think that he will get married again as marriage is not for everyone, if you have done it once and it does not work out, then don’t try again.

“I feel like marriage isn’t for everyone, a friend of mine put it the funniest way. If you heard that there was a 50/50 chance of living or dying when you jump out of a plane, you probably wouldn’t go skydiving.”

There’s like a 50/50 chance of a marriage working. If it didn’t work out for you the first time, and you still survived it, you probably shouldn’t do it again.”

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