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Floyd “Money” Mayweather Took Home $200M Last Night But He’s Not Here To Donate Any Of It To Africa…



…And why should he?

Unlike Angelina Jolie and all the other celebs who make a point of donating their money and time to African charities, Floyd “Money” Mayweather isn’t here to donate any of his money to Africa or charities that support the continent’s causes.

The sports star who is the highest earning athlete of all time and who cleaned out to the tune of almost $200 Million at last night’s epic fight with Manny Pacquaio has come under heavy criticism for his lavish lifestyle and not donating to African charities.

In a radio interview last year with Kelly Mac, Money Mayweather said he never went into boxing to give any of his money away and as such does not feel obliged to donate any of his millions of dollars to African charities.