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DESIGNER SEXIN’ | Louis Vuitton may be coming out with a line of condoms…at $68 each…who will be deserving of it’s use?

In times of a recession we all need to keep a close eye on our spending. So when we heard French luxury label LVMH may be launching a line of monogrammed condoms, we thought WOW! times are hard oh…at $68 each (N10,500) they better be re-usable & come with super dupa extra strength protection!


Another question springs to mind. How does a man decide what women will be getting the LV condom treatment? Wifey-types or Blackberry/Brazillian hair hoe-ing type chicks (especially if it comes extra extra strength)

Unbeweaveable Ridiculousness | Why Empress Njamah? Why?!

Someone just sent me this photo of Empress Njamah! I have no idea when it was taken but that is beside the point…the nagging question here is how many Indians/Brazillians/Peruvians/Mongolians donated to this head of weave? I mean damn! How many inches is that ish?

And in the name of these people who graciously donate their hair everyday to Indian temples…How does she deal with hair this long & heavy in the Naija heat? Enquiring minds would realy like to know.

Between the shocking Rihanna inspired hair and her white hot blonde wig…I have to say this is a marked improvement for Emp’s hair game but the length, oh the length is killing me **FLATLINE…DEAD…I CANNOT DEAL**

I blame Hugh Hefner for this: 20 year old girl drops it like it’s hot on 70 year old man…

This should really be filed under Caption This!

I stumbled across this photo on facebook, one of my “random friends” was tagged in it.

I guess just because you’re old enough to be someone’s great grandfather doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the odd booty shake from a pretty young thing! SMH

There are so many things wrong with this photo, let’s quietly ignore the wardrobe malfunction (slipped nipple) on the right!

Drop your comments please…I can’t even deal.

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